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Rosalie: The Ghost Who Didn't Exist

Harry Price Conjures the Spirit of a Six-Year-Old Girl

Rosalie was said to be the ghost of a six-year-old girl, conjured by psychic researcher Harry Price during a seance in 1937.

In preparation for the conjuring, Price had taped all doors and windows in the house closed, and placed starch powder all over the floors. During the seance, a small girl appeared and spoke. Price took her pulse, and was skeptical of the fact that the spirit of the child was no different than that of a living human being, but afterwards when the lights were turned on, none of the powder had been disturbed.

Price was well-known for disproving other alleged hauntings, so when he confirmed that he was unable to debunk the manifestation of Rosalie, the people of England were almost persuaded that the spiritualistic phenomena could indeed exist.

Nearly 50 years later, a letter written by a woman who confessed to have played the part of Rosalie's ghost in the seance was published.

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