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The Original Sexy Nun: Your Halloween Costume Has Nothing on This

Emergency Exorcisms Call for Holy Water Enemas

in 1627, Jeanna de Agnes was appointed Mother Superior at the new Ursuline convent at Loudon in France.

It didn't take long before Jeanne became sexually enamored with the parish priest, Father Urbain Grandier, who had a history of adultery and scandal.

Perhaps that is why it came as no surprise when Jeanne began claiming that Grandier's spectral image was appearing in her dreams, seducing her and robbing her of her sacred vow to Jesus Christ.

Not long after, the other nuns in the convent started to complain that Grandier was possessing them as well. Of course, none of them were quite as afflicted as Jeanne, who hosted a whopping seven demons.

Exorcisms were performed for years. These spectacles were described to be very sexually-charged, including performing enemas with holy water, and nuns exposing themselves in fits of convulsions.

Grandier was charged with the crime of sorcery and initially acquitted. After the Chief Minister of France ordered a new trial, however, Grandier was burned at the stake; even after Jeanne and the other sisters had recounted their allegations.

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