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Things to Know
How to prepare for the best and most comfortable tattoo experience
Please read through before submitting an appointment request 
  •  Have a clear concept/idea of what you’re looking to get tattooed. Having visual references is recommended, as is having a solid decision on which part of the body you would like the tattoo to be placed. Sometimes an in-person consultation will be required.

  • In order to book any tattoo appointment a $200 non-refundable deposit will be required, which will be applied on the final session of your tattoo, if applicable. If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, 48 hours’ notice is required, otherwise you will forfeit your $200 and will be asked to leave another deposit. Should you reschedule your appointment more than twice under these circumstances, a larger deposit will be asked of you. More than two separate reschedules for the same appointment even with 48 hour notice will be subject to another deposit.


  • Because I prefer to be completely prepared for an appointment, I will not schedule any appointments without knowing the exact placement and design you want to get. 


  • If applicable to your tattoo, I will send you your design one day in advance. At this point you may ask for any changes you’d like, being as specific as possible. Should you want more changes after the second draft, you will be asked for an additional $50 drawing fee, which does not go toward the cost of your tattoo.


In order to give the tattoo and client as much time as necessary, I generally schedule only one tattoo a day and begin in the mornings. I ask that my clients block the entire day of their appointment out for their tattoo, in order for neither of us to feel rushed.


My hourly rate is $200, with a minimum of one hour. That is to say, should you choose to get a piece that takes me less than one hour, you will still be charged the minimum of $200. 


I accept cash, as well as Venmo, Zelle, GooglePay, Cashapp, and Paypal. If you do not have any of these things, I do accept credit card through square; however you will be charged an additional fee of 3% of the cost of your tattoo.


To prepare for your tattoo please get adequate rest and drink plenty of water during the week prior to your appointment. Water and proper hydration of the skin (lotion, etc) especially in Colorado, go a long way to helping the tattoo process go as smoothly as possible. DO NOT go out drinking or partying the night before your tattoo. Please eat a decent meal before arriving to your appointment, and feel welcomed to bring snacks/candy/beverages. We have complimentary water, hot tea, and sugary beverages at the shop, as well.


Remember to dress comfortably and appropriately for the area on the body in which you are getting tattooed. Please keep in mind that the tattooing process can be messy; it is recommended that you wear something you won’t mind getting ink stains on, preferably black, should that occur. Also feel free to bring a pillow, blanket, headphones, or whatever you need to keep yourself comfortable during the process. If you are a person who finds themselves needing a jacket wherever they are, it is highly recommended that you bring a blanket with you, just in case.


Please refrain from bringing more than one guest, if any, with you for your appointment. Your children are adorable, but please do not bring them with you to the studio.

 Click Here for Aftercare Instructions


Please be as specific as possible when describing your tattoo project.

Please check your spam box if you do not hear back within a week.

Thanks for submitting!

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