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I can't promise that my art will make any more sense to you after reading a little background about me, but i suppose it couldn't hurt. 

I've been drawing and making art since I was a little kid, but I was always told that any form of art would never make a lucrative career path, so it was always just more of a hobby, rather than something I could see myself having a future in.


I had a number of girl friends growing up, all very pretty and interesting, and I was typically overlooked. I tried my best to develop the persona of the "cool girl", rather than the "pretty girl", but landed somewhere in the "weird girl" realm. After being left behind by the beautiful friends, who had risen up into the holy circle of the popular elite, I stopped trying to fit in and started trying to make my own clothes, around 11 or 12. It was not a pretty sight, but it was a healthy outlet for my early onset of teenage angst. The unusual combination of nu-metal, emo, and rave culture led me to cultivate a pretty unusual and confusing identity for myself, one which is still evolving to this day. 

I'll skip about thirty years of other personal trauma, because I think so much of who I am as an artist was born during those years. Deep down I'm still just a spastic teenager who craves identity, a community, and ultimately to be understood. Probably why music is such an important part of my life and influences a lot of my work, along with history, and folklore. 


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