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Be your authentic self

Your appearance is what some may consider "alternative". It's a reflection of who you are.

when it comes to fitting in with your fellow humans, you've always felt a little... different.

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Sound familiar? Trying to find the right wolf pack to blend with, but it always felt forced?

Keeping up with pop culture fashion and trends to fit into the zeitgeist, 

but eventually just exhausting yourself and deciding on something different.

You wore your hair how you liked it and wore the clothes that felt authentic to your taste.

i am the little lost angsty sheep. the "slightly off" one that could never find her way into the cool kids' club.

so instead i decided to make my own.

The juxtaposition of neon colors and dark imagery.
All to evoke emotion and curiosity

Have you ever walked down the street, seen someone wearing a wearing a weird outfit and thought "that's my tribe" ? (hint: we're also that tribe)

everyone deserves to feel comfortable in the way they express themselves. years of experimentation and dedicating myself to my passions have helped me curate a unique style i am confident to present to the world. I want that feeling of confidence and self-expression for everybody.

I'm a well-balanced beast

Being so drawn to dark dimensions, history, and folklore, i decided it was only appropriate to define my aesthetic as HorrorLore, a fitting word for such feverish inspiration. 

Though most would describe my art style as macabre, it's counterbalanced with my rather optimistic and goofy demeanor. i will do my best to make you smile.

I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to share my art and my world with you.

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