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Rosaleen Norton: the Original Goth Queen

A Sexy Lesson in one Satanic Woman's Gifts to the World

Born in 1917 as Rosaleen Norton, "Thorn" was an Australian artist and occultist.

An eccentric, self-proclaimed witch, Thorn partook in this lifestyle during a time when witchcraft was still illegal in Australia. Her paintings were focused around Neo-paganistic gods and demons, and she put heavy importance on the god Pan.

this type of subject matter was extremely controversial to the country's conservatism and Christian morals during this era.

Though Thorn and her work were met with morbid curiosity and enthusiasm from a large portion of Sydney society, authorities constantly worked to remove her pieces from exhibitions, and even confiscated books in which her artwork was featured.

Thorn was also opening into the practice of sex magic, as well as bdsm, which didn't do many favors for her reputation in the eyes of the police.

However, her "nasty woman" infamy only heightened the interest that the rest of society held for her. Thorn became known as the Witch of King's Cross.

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