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The Black-Eyed Children: Giving the Children of the Corn a Run for Their Money

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As if the thought of having children could get any more terrifying

The urband legend of the Black-Eyed Children is most commonly sourced as having its beginnings near a movie theater in Abilene, Texas.

A local man stopped in the parking lot late one night to write a check. He was disrupted as two young boys tapped on his car window, motioning for him to roll it down. The older boy explained that they wanted to see a movie, but his brother had forgotten his money.

He asked if the man could give them a quick ride home to pick it up.

The man, filled with a strange sense of unease and dread upon the arrival of these children, declined, reasoning that the movie would be over by the time they got back, and returned to writing his check.

Frustrated, the boys argued that they couldn't get into the man's car unless he said it was okay. The man turned back to the boys to refuse their request once again, and realized in horror that their eyes had become completely blacked out.

The man tore out of the parking lot as fast as he could.

There are many similar stories of sightings of the Black-Eyed Children, stretching from the US to the UK. The entities are described as taking the appearance of regular children between 6-16, sometimes dressed in outdated clothing. Some are reported to have talon-like feet. they are said to approach you at the door of your home or car, asking either to use a phone or for a ride.

One thing is common in all experiences with the Black-Eyed Children. they bring with them a deep sense of dread.

Those who oblige the children's requests are never seen again.

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