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THE RED KNIGHT: Your New Favorite Female Lead

the Inspiration Behind Ninth Life Clothing's Decapitatress Mascot

Firstly, I would like to begin by saying that no, technically the English-speaking world does not recognize "Decapitatress" as a word.

Has that ever stopped me from creating gibberish words before? no.

Folks, I would like to introduce you to my Red Knight. There may be other Red Knights, but this Red Knight is mine. She's bold, she has glowing eyes, and this bad bitch is suited up to take on the unforgiving horrors of the world, decapitating one bearded head at a time.

When beginning the design for the Red Knight, I didn't have much of an idea of where I wanted to go. I knew whatever I was attempting to create was going to be something that I would want to be a reoccurring theme for my brand; I just wasn't sure what that was going to look like, or what exactly it was going to represent.

As an artist, I find that most of my work manifests from emotions that I haven't felt comfortable facing or sharing with others. I believe most people would probably agree that pouring those anxieties onto paper is a healthy method of coping, but, while I find that to be personally cathartic, I wanted the first Bannerwoman of my brand to be something stronger. I wanted her to represent not just the process of releasing those demons, but being fearless enough to face them in the first place.

And so, we come to Lady Red Knight. In my mind, she represents a side of my personality that I rarely see, though I know she exists somewhere deep, down inside, even if only just a sliver of her. The Red Knight takes on the terrifying obstacles on her path to the promise land without even batting an eye or breaking a nail. She was born for this.

I'd love to hear your interpretation of this brave Decapitatress (yes, I'm doubling down with that word) . Email me at or tag me on Instagram @NinthSteph

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